Human Rights Groups Criticise Saudi Arabia’s Treatment of Domestic Workers

العمالة المنزلية اكبر موقع يخدم مكاتب الاستقدام ومكاتب الخدمات للتسويق عن الغير

Human rights groups and activists have criticized the treatment of Saudi Arabia’s domestic workers. The country has received criticism for reportedly killing its housemaids and is still trying to put the scandal behind it. Last November, news emerged about an Indonesian housemaid who was tortured and left naked in a hospital’s bathroom. However, the situation in Saudi Arabia remains largely unchanged. Despite the high number of cases of exploitation, the government is still failing to protect the women of the country.

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Despite the law against exploitation of domestic workers, the Saudi royals continued to hire foreign خادمات to fill their palaces. After the abolition of slavery, they sold these licenses to ordinary citizens. However, other wealthy Saudis applied for the license and obtained it. Those with connections to government agencies were able to get it. Despite these laws, the number of domestic workers in the Gulf nation remains unknown.

Some Saudi men have a less harsh stance towards their domestic workers. They are often more tolerant and patient. As a result, they are more likely to accept cheating and abuse. One Indonesian maid was reportedly exploited for more than a year before she was finally released. She calmed down when her husband intervened, and a Saudi man banned her from working in the same household for five years.

The use of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia is common. It reminds Saudis of laziness and a lack of initiative. The economic crisis in the Middle East has also led to a rise in the number of women who are unable to earn a living or find work. But, despite the rising number of women who are working in the Gulf, Saudi domestic workers still face a challenging existence.

In addition to this, Saudi Arabia has a high number of domestic workers. According to Statista, about four million non-Saudi maids are employed in the country. The majority of these workers are women from southeast Asia, and many women have no education or experience. But their lives have become worse in the Middle East. Thankfully, Saudi domestic workers are gaining recognition and rights organisations have been able to speak out about the abuse of maids in the region.

As a matter of fact, hiring a maid in Saudi Arabia is an important status symbol. Moreover, the average salary of a maid is $47,998 per month. This is a substantial sum for a domestic helper. As the Saudi economy continues to recover from the pandemic, the number of women employed in domestic work is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that more than 25,000 women are working in the kingdom each month.